Ceas Smartwatch Vivax life FIT, 1.4” touch screen, sleep & workout tracker, call & message notification, waterproof design

Ceas Smartwatch Vivax

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life FIT
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24h temperature monitor

safe at all times with regular body temperature monitoring

Call & message notification

simply connect your smartwatch to your mobile phone and r eceive no tifications for messages and calls

Sleep tracker

the life FIT smartwatch follows your sleep rhythm, and for extra relaxation before bed, look for breathing exercises

Workout tracker

monitor heart rate while at rest or during activities, monitor distances traveled and calorie consumption. The life FIT smartwatch is the ideal partner for any type of training

Waterproof design

the life FIT smart watch is IP68 certified, which indicates water and dust resistance

Elegant design

universal design for everyone and for any occasion

1,4” touch screen

more than 30 different interfaces - customize the display of the life FIT smartwatch to match your needs

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